A Book Club Subscription Box: Red Wine

A Book Club Subscription Box: Red Wine

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A hand-packed box delivered right to your front door including:

An excellent novel, specially curated by me, for you!

A locally-made artisanal chocolate bar 

A red wine selected with the help of a sommelier from an independent Nova Scotia wine shop

Each Book Club box includes a weekly invitation to virtual Book Club held on Zoom! A fun way to connect with those you're reading with, and oftentimes have a chance to speak with the author (depending on their availability) at the end of the month.

You must be 19 years old (or older) in order to purchase this Book Box


  • One Two Three
                  by: Laurie Frankel

  • Compass Distilleries Gin Trio
                 from: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Millionaire's Chocolate Caramels
                  by: LN Eat More Art

  • The Love Story of Missy Carmichael
                  by: Beth Morrey
  • Cala and Ja Ja! Tempranillo
                 from: Spain
  • Dark Chocolate with Lavender
                  by: Michelle Ashley's Bakery